Department of Civil Engineering (Diploma)

A Civil Engineer has to work in diverse fields viz. Irrigation, Dams, Canal, Hydropower, Roads, Railways, Buildings, Industrial Structures, Bridges, Docks, Harbors, Airfields, Tunnels, Environmental Engineering (including Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment Systems) etc. The job of a Civil Engineer extends over a wide spectrum of activities involving planning, designing, construction and maintenance of various Civil Engineering works. A Civil Engineer is also responsible for management of various resources, personnel, administration, finance and construction.

The Construction activity is the second largest economic activity in India next only to agriculture. The amount of money invested and the jobs provided by the Civil Engineering industry are much larger than any other industry. Overall globalization of the economy has resulted in more and more demand for better infrastructure facilities like roads, bridges, airports and project related to water resources. The Civil Engineer therefore has to play a major role in the development of the country. The Department of Civil Engineering desires its students to excel in the changing trends in global economy. Civil engineering is a division of engineering which is concerned with the building, designing, planning and maintenance of the material and naturally built surroundings.