Library, E-journals & Magazines : Our library is well equipped with reference books students need for each branch available in college. Moreover, many E-journals are made available through Internet facility. Magazines comprising scientific journals & other are also made available.
Sports : Understanding the significance of sports in life, a huge ground is made available for various sports activities.
Canteen / Cafeteria: In college campus, facility of canteen is also available with variety of menu on cards. Cafeteria is also available in campus.
Transport Facilities : Transport facilities are made available from city for students who are not localites.
Medical Attention : Health being a important issues, understanding this, we have set up a medical centre in campus. Each student is given attention for medical check ups.
Hostel : Hostel Facilities is provided for the other localities students, Girls as well as boys, in the college campus only.
Bank Facility : Bank facility is made available in the campus only.
Computer Centre : Common Computer Centre is available in campus so that syudents can take advantage for Internet for their Educational purposes.
Wi-Fi Cafe : Wi-Fi router is set in campus so that teachers & students can take advantage of internet for educational purposes.